Social Responsibility

 A school can’t be successful without nurturing ‘values in its students’. Hence the school finds all possibilities of reaching the society in general and helping the poor in particular. During all major festivals, students donate the possible non-perishable items to the orphans. They do not encourage candies wrapped with plastic papers within the school premises both by policy and practice.  They are also donating saplings to the school on their Birthdays.

Children are taken to field trips and on tours to improve their exposure to the outer world.

Every week, one period is allotted for ‘Club activities’ to instill leadership and organizational skills among students. The following clubs are functioning in the school-

  1. Literary club ( Tamil, English, Hindi)
  2. Math club
  3. Science club
  4. Cookery club( without fire)
  5. Nature club
  6. Art
  7. Craft
  8. Kho-Kho
  9. Volleyball and
  10. Quiz club
  11. Readers’ club
  12. Environment day, Literacy day, Independence day, Teachers’ day, Sri Krishna Jayanthi, Hindi Diwas, Onam, Diwali ,Christmas, Pongal, Navrathri, Bharathiar day, Thiruvalluvar day, Sport day and Annual day-all these days are celebrated splendidly in the school every year.