Message from Senior Principal

 “The vision I share with you is that of challenging our wards to dare – to fully open their minds like billowing parachutes to the ultimate parameters that one can attain!” .

Dear Parents and Students,

Warm Greetings! I have seen many parents sending their wards to ‘Personality Development programmes’ during vacation. Many MNCs are spending millions of currency towards “Attitude Building programs”. What is Personality? Is it all about the way we carry ourselves externally? The answer may be ‘Yes’ partially. The reply stretches beyond that. Personality is nothing but ‘inner beauty’. Its definition can be known by attending camps but it can become a way of life only through ‘practice’. Positive thoughts become good habits. Refined habits blossom into optimistic character. If an individual has fine character, he becomes a remarkable personality. Seeds of good habits can be sown only in early ages.Parents, teachers and the students must form a healthy team in doing this noble task. Instead of blaming the gadgets, children, school and the society, let us teach our children how to harness time; how to use the gadgets intelligently; how to be good for themselves and for others. Let the noble children of this great motherland be born in ‘THAMARAI’.

Jai Hind!

H.Jayashree Badrinath M Sc., M A., M.Phil, DCA, B.Ed, MBA ( Edu. Mgt)