Facts & Highlights

Founder: Mr.T.Venkatesan

Location: Kumbakonam

Affiliation: Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education Reg No:1930774

Curriculum:Montessori method in Kindergarten and CBSE curriculum for Grades 1-12.

Grade Levels: Kindergarten- Jr.KG and Senior KG ; Primary Grades 1 to 5, Middle School Grades 6 to 8 ; Secondary School Grades 9 to 10; Senior Secondary classes 11 & 12.

Class Sizes:Kindergarten: 23-25 students, Primary School: 25-30 students, Middle School: 25 – 30 students, Secondary School: 30- 35 students; Senior Secondary classes :35-40 students.

Grading Period: Continuous

Grading System: CBSE CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average)

Medium of Instruction: English

School Calendar: Opens in April and ends in March .

Enrollment Period: March to September

Student to Teacher Ratio: 20 students to 1 teacher

Teaching Faculty: All from reputed universities, qualified with teacher training, and with local and international experience.

Facilities: Students enjoy a natural and cozy environment at this campus. The school provides spacious classrooms, a basketball court, football field, 200 mts running track, multi-purpose studios, Library, Art studio, Audio Visual room, and separate labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science with internet access. Smart board facility and NIIT e-Guru Math lab. The tiny tots have a special resource centre (with Montessori material) and a Play Pen. The school makes sure that the students are provided with hygienic surroundings, nutritious food and ample facilities to ensure their happiness, growth and learning.