Education, among other things, should prepare the pupils to become good human beings. Getting skilled, acquiring degrees, donning important positions, wielding power should happily end in serving the society in a humane way. If that does not happen, the education imparted has failed in its basic objective.

Thamarai International school shall not fail at any stage. The vision of the school – confident, competent and compassionate global citizens imbibing Indian values – is a constant reminder to all of us connected with TIS. The team strives to make the vision a reality in the life of every child that enters the portals of TIS.

We ardently hope that all the happy children schooling in TIS will do their bit to make the society a happy one some day in future.

Best regards

It is with pleasure that I address you in this forum. Having been associated with TIS when it was still an idea, I reflect on the past four years and am immensely proud to be associated with an institution that has made great strides in such a short span of time. We have some of the best teachers, a great student body that is willing to work hard and has a clear understanding of what it wants from life, to go with a very proactive and receptive management.

While the progress is to be commended, I want to take this time to caution that we have not achieved much yet. The future is in front of us and unless we work together – teachers, students, management and staff, along with parents – we will not be successful in our endeavor. Each of these entities needs to function in collaboration with the rest of the system in order for the goals and objectives to be achieved. I am confident that this will happen so. Good luck.

Best regards
Dr. P.S. Sriraj

“In a general sense, education is the process by which observations, assessments, interpretations of human beings at different periods in time are passed on through generations to understand and improve upon. In a technical sense, a school accomplishes this entire process in a structured way. It is a structured process of learning to equip children with tools to think and not what to think. A human being is a student all through their lives and learning does not stop at school. The process begins at birth and gets a form through educational system. A successful society is composed of students who have had a positive learning experience.

Thamarai International school (TIS) facilitates this journey. At TIS this philosophy is imparted through implementation of innovative teaching methods. The vision of TIS is to instill a sense of curiousness and optimism in children. These qualities make the students of TIS a valuable asset to the society.I am sure TIS provides opportunities to instill a sense of responsibility in students to motivate them to help make this world a better place for generations to come.”

Best regards