Chairman’s Message

Thamarai International School is brought to you by the Thamarai Foundation and it is my distinct pleasure and a dream come true to serve as the Chairman for this noble cause.

The primary objective of education is to promote literacy, but at the same time it should help mould personalities. It is the aim of the Thamarai team to impart “value-laden, outcome-based learning” to equip young impressionable minds to fulfill their dreams while being considerate to their fellow human being. In order to achieve this , we will draw upon the best educational practices world-wide and create conditions for the children to imbibe traditional Indian values. State-of-the-art infrastructure coupled with highly qualified and well-trained teachers will ensure that the students at TIS will be able to attain an enriching experience.

Statistics show that a vast majority of Indian states are not getting their daily calorific count as prescribed by the World Health Organization. The Thamarai family aided by Thamarai Hospitalities will be fed a balanced and nourishing diet that will be planned by trained dieticians and prepared by a team of accomplished chefs. A sound mind is housed in a sound body and it is my goal to ensure that the Thamarai family will have the requisite energy to partake in a variety of curricular and co-curricular activities and in keeping their mind sharp.

It has been my quest in life to make high quality education available, accessible, and most importantly affordable to the vast majority of the Indian population in rural areas. TIS is a step towards fulfilling that quest. Accordingly, the fee structure at TIS has been kept within reach of a majority of the Indian families. At the same time, I am creating a number of scholarships and fellowships to cater to the needs of the exceptionally talented rural youth who have zeal, the penchant, and the talent for learning but do not have the resources to do so. A certain percent of the students will be offered free education at TIS.

The outcome that we envision will be a group of young individuals that will be of  healthy of mind and body, well-learned, well equipped, and poised to create and take advantage of opportunities that will enable them to be in the vanguard of the next generation. This is extremely important especially in the context of the significant role that India is poised to play in a changing world order. Thamarai International School will serve as the proving ground for a new generation of leaders and visionaries that will blaze a trail in the next several years!!

Thank you.